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Deepti Gupta

With a passion for nurturing the health of moms and tots, I believe in the power of nutrition to shape the future of our children and families.

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7 years of experience in Nutrition

With over 7 years of experience in the field of nutrition, I’ve had the privilege of guiding countless families towards healthier lifestyles. From addressing pediatric obesity to assisting new mothers in post-delivery weight management, my journey has been filled with rewarding transformations.

What I Offer For Good Health?

Every individual and family is unique, and so are their nutritional needs. Let's embark on a journey tailored just for you.

Pediatric Nutrition

Crafting diets that fuel growth and development.

Special Needs Guidance

Personalized plans for children with unique requirements.

Diabetes & Lifestyle Management

Balancing diets for optimal health.

Pregnancy & Post-Delivery

Nourishing both mother and child.

Detox & Deficiency Addressal

Rejuvenating the body from within.

What People Are Saying

Deepti's guidance transformed our family's eating habits. My child, who was once obese, is now thriving and active!
Mrs. Sharma
The post-pregnancy diet plan was a lifesaver. I regained my strength and lost the excess weight in a healthy manner.
Priya R
Our special needs child required a specific diet. Deepti's expertise made all the difference.
Anand & Meera

Unlock the Secrets of Maternal Nutrition

Discover the profound impact of maternal nutrition on children and the entire family. Dive deep into the importance of a balanced diet for mothers and how it shapes the health trajectory of their offspring.

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